Sunday, July 26, 2015


Turning east today after a week of canceled flights to Yokota as the AMC military airlift schedulers struggled to deliver military families safely past Typhoon Halala's meandering wander between Honshu and Korea.  The storm also made webcam views of my objective look less appealing, likely impassable for a solo hiker, and the height of Japan's vacation season threatened even higher burdens on the mountain trails' capacity. So, another day.

Noticing that conditions resembled the myth-laden storms sent by the goddess Amaterasu to destroy invading Manchu fleets in the 13th century, I chose to declare a successful scouting mission, turn back to Virginia, and plan my next attempt to climb Fujisan from the comfort of Valhalla Ranch.

 That may be a while in coming. The three weeks I spent in Olympic mountain range have revealed equal and more accessible vistas with a lot fewer hikers on the trail. Plus, fresh salmon and berries!

My deepest thanks to my generous and patient hosts Virginia and Steve Tebo, and to my close friend Barbara Cook.

It has been a long summer and a good one, with many unexpected and joy-filled discoveries -- most important, perhaps, confirming that I do find peace and purpose in the life of a wanderer.

Many photos remain to be posted after I return to the ranch!

Seattle - Tacoma Airport

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