Friday, August 7, 2015

Rolling into West Virginia for the weekend

My backpack and daypack are stuffed with gear for a three day expedition into the Dolly Sods region of the Monongahela Forest, once spoken of by locals "with a sort of dread, and regard it as an ill-omened region, filled with bears, panthers, impassable laurel-brakes, and dangerous precipices". These days, former Scout leaders like Paul Hill recall it as a location for troop hikes ... yes, scary.

Kirsten Elowsky assures me,though, that there will be enough climbing to keep me from losing the muscle tone I built up this summer. So, upward!

I plan to return to Valhalla on Monday, August 10, but will be out of contact until then. Photos next week.

(Side note: Perseids meteor shower maximum is expected before dawn on August 12, with no moon. If you can get to a light-free sky, please enjoy!)

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