Friday, November 6, 2015

Sunrises, meteors -- boring, try fog instead!

As I skipped merrily (some might have said staggered and wheezed, but what do they know) up from the campsite area to the McAfee Knob overlook in the predawn dark through heavy brush and along stone precipices, it occurred to me that I was doing just as my father did: preaching the importance of never going out into the woods without a hiking partner, and then doing just that.

Not especially smart, since the summit was enveloped in a thick fog that limited viewing of cliff edges as well as celestial events. Looked cool around the trees, though; I will go back, preferably with companions.

Here's a photo from the previous evening, taken for my children and my grandchildren by a cheerful young Hokie. Staying alive!

The rangers have a bear alert posted for the area, too ....

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