Sunday, January 3, 2016

Committed to fly once more

Hiking gear and laundry committed to the winds of fortune once more -- odds of making connections and finding it on the baggage carrel in Baltimore tomorrow much better this time.

Today was a good finish to this ten day ramble. Will, Sean, and I visited the Winchester Mystery House , whose 160 rooms, 13 bathrooms, six kitchens, 476 doors, thousands of windows, and 7 1/2 miles of sprinkler system piping dissuaded me from any remaining fragment of interest in owning -- or even living in -- a large home. For lunch, we stopped at Sushirito, a new restaurant offering sushi ingredients wrapped and served burrito style. 

After an attempt to do better justice to the remains of the excellent meals that Tess and Will prepared during my stay, we went out for some excellent liquid nitrogen frozen ice cream. Still adjusting to the idea of a cryogenic tank sitting behind the ice cream "brrristas".

Boarding now. Away, away!

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