Thursday, December 29, 2016

Holiday scents of Pine(sol)

Christmas Day at PATC's new Old Rag Cabin, the third group of renters (possibly the last group to do so for sweat equity). Expectations are that occupancy will be high; the cabin is located near the trailhead and parking lot for Old Rag Mountain. It's a well known day hike and scramble through the broken bits of sea bed that crown the mountain ridge, with thousands of climbers during the spring, summer, and autumn.

Interesting geology, actually, the mountain is formed of "Old Rag Granite", very different in appearance from the Catoctin greenstone that dominates the area. The USGS has a more detailed history, with helpful pictures, at

As with the first two groups of "rent free" renters, we were handed a list of minor repairs (hmpf) and cosmetic finishing steps (hah) to complete during our four day stay.  Good times were had nevertheless, with food and drink in excess of our ability to consume and a couple of strolls in the woods to settle our stomachs.

We chose not to climb Old Rag, though, opting for neighboring Mt. Robertson -- less ornately crowned with rubble, but six feet higher than its more popular neighbor.

Old Rag Cabin

Christmas Dinner 2016

High tech wood stove!

More photos are at

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