Friday, April 1, 2016

Annapolis Rocks

The forecast thunderstorm held off until 4 p.m. Wasn't much of a storm, either.

As a way to keep my muscles from tightening up, I went back up the hill to visit Annapolis Rocks. Serendipity again! A trio of hikers wearing PATC overseer ridgerunner shirts were headed up with all the gear that the Annapolis Rocks caretaker needed to seet up his base camp for the next 8 months.

One of the hikers identified himself as one of the "Magnificent 7" that lead the N.C. Hoodlums trail repair crew, another group of volunteers like my own Cadillac Crew team.  We exchanged polite and cheery compliments about the quality of work each team is doing, and shared regret over the fading number of volunteers willing to spend a weekend raking, digging, sawing, and dragging rocks around. Can't imagine why, leaving all the fun for us, &c.

Another introduced himself as a member of the PATC Executive Committee, the people who get the responsibilty for every injustice and visionary shortfall in the organization. I admitted that I have not yet attended the annual meeting (people who attend seem to find their names attached to the really messy jobs). I assured him that I would attend this year.

Guess I'd better make sure my dues are paid up to date, as well.

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