Saturday, April 2, 2016

Safe haven at Comptons Gap

Fast paced walk today, running the ridge towards Harpers Ferry with an eye on the weather. The NWS alert says 50-60 mph gusts; not having a tent rated to that level, I chose to turn off the Trail and go a quarter mile downhill to stay in the shelter at Comptons Gap.

Which is on the lee side of the oncoming wind storm.

And is freshly renovated.

And within 50 *horizontal* yards of the spring.

And unoccupied by other travelers, though a place of interest for chatty tent campers farther up the hill (because, on the way to the spring, also the privy).

One of whom insisted that I share some of the Bud Light he and his airline flight attendant girlfriend were packing.

Life is tough sometimes. Tomorrow, weather permitting, the last shelter before I descend Weverton Cliff into Harpers Ferry for a hot shower, a restaurant dinner, and some ice cream.

Comptons Gap Shelter

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