Friday, February 10, 2017

Humpback Rocks (final)

What is missing from this photo?

A more difficult climb to Hunchback Rock than I recall it being 41 years ago this Valentines Day ...

- 30% more weight?
- 200% more mileage on legs?
- lack of attractive hiking partner?
- or another trail, possibly we went to the Overlook, rather than the peak. I was not paying too much attention to the trail at the time, had other concerns on my mind.

Still recall her excitement, the way she kept glancing at the ring, as if it might disappear.

Humpback Rocks Mtn Trail Vista
(yes, the trail leads right over the edge)

Humpback Rocks Mtn from below
Humpback Rocks Peak Vista

The Humpback Rock of Humpback Rocks Mtn

Humpback Rocks Mtn summit

Heading south, I missed the turn for the Hunchback Rock campground, forged on toward next shelter 6 miles away ... but sundown came first, so I bivouacked  on the AT trailside for the second time .. ran through days end rituals quickly, wrapped up in sleeping bag by 7 pm.

I am just southwest off the Wintergreen ski complex, where they are doubtless grousing about this unseasonable warm weather.

Wintergreen Ski Resort with artificial snow

More photos

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