Monday, February 13, 2017

The importance of tent stakes (final)

Awakened last  night by a strong windstorm, the kind that my trail mentor once described as hearing jets coming up the hill and threatening to flatten one's tent as they pass.  My tent was thinking about a career change to kite, urging me to get out and pull those nasty tent stakes that were holding it back from its true calling.

I managed to stretch out the final descent into the Tye River valley by missing a turn and stumping down a forest road for a half mile before winding up at a locked fence. How can anyone get lost on a trail that resembles a freeway, and is carefully marked by volunteers with white blazes from end to end? Umm, well ...

Very clear -- go straight ahead (south, downhill). Do not turn across the creek.

Oh, well. Back up the hill, across the creek and down.

The Tye River footbridge and the Ion had my finish line staked out and waiting for me!

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