Tuesday, April 4, 2017

April! Time to get outdoors

Headed south tomorrow for Daleville, Virginia. I will leave the Ion there, ride a hired shuttle north for two hours to the AT's James River Bridge, and take a week to walk back. Ah, the irony ... the wilderness area is dominated by Apple Orchard Mountain at 4190 feet, starting from 900 feet. It will be enough.

Easter week will find me in the Roanoke area, where I plan to observe the Triduum at a historically black Roman Catholic church. It's in the Diocese of Richmond, which is a little more accommodating for evolving followers of the renegade Rabbi like me.

Then, back across I-81, west and south around the arc of Tinker Ridge, a 150 million year old sandstone outcrop overlooking Tinker Creek.  Two days later, the iconic McAfee Knob to make a third try at seeing the sun rise there; then down and back to Round Hill in time to prepare for the March for Science on April 22.

It's going to be a busy year.

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