Sunday, March 26, 2017

More thank yous

Monthly Cadillac Crew trail repair weekend just finished up. Exhausting and fun!

Saturday, we hauled implements of construction four miles up a gentle climb (Bob Pickett's scale, where the high end of moderate requires gloves and ropes). We did four hours of trenching, shoveling, rockrolling and raking, and an hour sunning ourselves on a massive boulder while our team leader regaled us with tales of blasting bog rocks with a system that uses a short hole sunk in the rock, filled with water, and topped off with a demolition charge.

Huh. I hadn't known that technique was commonly used outside of the military world.

While we were working and limping back to our base camp at Old Rag Cabin, a number of collegiate age hikers offered thanks to us for our work -- to which I always replied, "Come on out, we've got more work here than we can handle!"

A few promised to do so Real Soon.  Well, I do try.

Sunday morning, I volunteered to scramble up on top of a new tool shed and assist our newest volunteer as she finished tiling the roof. Yes, fear of heights and so forth, but that will not hold me back for a while longer.  I do move carefully, though.

Departure for the next AT section hike is set for April 2, expecting to be on the trail for three weeks wrapped around a week long break in Roanoke for Holy Week and a return to Round Hill, joining the April 22 March for Science. Busy, busy.

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