Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Off into the wild again!

Lazy start from Round Hill. Kirsten and I filled in some last minute items for Ana. Drive down my favorite Interstate, lunch at Mrs. Rowe's in Staunton. At Humpback Rocks Visitor Center, we learned from helpful passers-by that the AT lot was a half mile farther up the road. Okay, packs off, back in the car ....  1:40, photo by more friendly folk and off, Ana in the lead.

We took the bear clawed saplings along the trail as a reminder to keep a clean campsite. Finding the shelter empty and expecting rain, I set up the tent under the shelter roof. Ana was exhausted went off to snooze on a boulder by creek.

Dinner, conversation, a brief stroll to ease our joints, wrapped up and in bed by 7 pm.

*** Lost some photos to a smartphone hardware failure, sadly. ***

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