Saturday, March 18, 2017

Outbound into wintry woods CANCELLED

The mice and their best-laid plans have scurried back to hide in their cozy burrows. Why?

  • Weather forecast, already at my limits, has taken a further downward turn -- the rain is now forecast to be snow.
  • The Rebel Alliance is beating the war drums again, calling us to suit up and sharpen our virtual pens. This is a final push to stop #RyanDoesNotCare before it even gets to the Senate. Given the latest OMG's from the White House regarding powerful German women and out-of=the-closet Austrian Nazis, I feel obliged to some more nonviolent advocacy. Especially since my district reelected a fencesitter Republican to represent us in Congress. 
  • I volunteered to bring a kale salad for the trail repair crew weekend.
  • I have a sinus headache.
  • I don't feel like it. 
Another day.  Next planned trip starts April 3.

A little more challenging solo walk this week than usual ... a considerable number of ridges to climb over (by East Coast standards) and a forecast night of rain followed by a night of subfreezing temperatures.

So here's my itinerary. After the hike, I plan to go straight to the trail repair crew work weekend at Old Rag Cabin, which does not have any cell service. All considering, I may be off the grid for the entire week.

Please do not send the rangers out looking for me. They have more important things to worry about than searching the trails. If I can get a connection from the trail, I will post updates; if not, I will post them after I return to Round Hill on Sunday, March 26.

Not to worry! As my mentor says, it's not wilderness. If I have any trouble, I can walk down to Skyline Drive and hitch my way back to civilization.  Hope you have as much fun this week as I am expecting!

LocationEst arrival dateNotes
Jarman Gap parkingMon, March 20Ion drop off, shuttle
Swift Run GapMon, March 20Hike start
Hightop HutMon, March 20First camp
Powell GapTue, March 21
Simmons Gap Ranger StaTue, March 21
Weaver MountainTue, March 21
Pinefield HutTue, March 21Second camp
Loft Mtn WaysideWed, March 22
Loft Mtn CgdWed, March 22Third camp
Doyles R. Cabin.parking Thu, March 23
Jones Run Falls ThdThu, March 23
Blackrock HutThu, March 23Fourth camp
Riprap Trl parkingFri, March 24
Wildcat Ridge Trl parkingFri, March 24
Turk MtnTrail parkingFri, March 24
Jarman Gap parkingFri, March 24Hike finish
Shuttle serviceMon, March 20
Adam Stanley (aka Stanimal)
Hike will be on main AT (white blaze) except for detour to see Jones Run Falls

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