Thursday, March 9, 2017

Done at Jarman Gap.

Leisurely pack up this morning, wishing happy trails to Trail Dog and watching the U.Va seniors stumble about.  We left about 10:30, arrived at the Jarman Gap trailhead by 11:30.  Stanimal picked us up, took less than an hour to return us to the place we left four days ago ... that's okay, we saw a lot more than he sees from the road.

Like butterflies, for example, and a cardinal. And bear tracks.  Spring is here!

We nearly missed the turnoff for the parking lot, which would have been a painful mistake. Happily, ingrained awareness led to a map check -- yes, that small white line there, that's a spur road. Whew.

I will dive into detailed planning for the next venture tomorrow, likely beginning late this month. For tonight, rest.

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