Thursday, March 23, 2017

Another insanity remanded, and why New York does the best protest marches (final)

Today's march was small, but very energizing!

A New York group brought singers and break dancers ... hereby declaring as alternative fabrications any rumors and/or videos claiming to show me among several other folk old enough to know better trying to imitate a couple of NYC street dancers.

Twenty four protesters were arrested after ritually refusing police officers' orders to leave the area near the White House fence, and hustled into vans for transportation to courtrooms where -- unless the process has changed in the past decade -- they will be arraigned and released on their own recognizances. Almost as unsettling an experience as in 2007 when I watched it carried out under the bright illumination of portable light plant towers after a march down from a prayer service at the Washington Cathedral.

While this was happening, news of the postponement of the healthcare bill vote filtered through the crowd, accompanied by cheers and ritual chants.  The strong Latino contingent from NYC led us through a number of Spanish chants -- "Si! se! puede!" being a favorite and bringing to my mind a Japanese motto "nan demo dekimasu". Both translate roughly as "We can do it!"   

You know, sometimes I believe that -- in the long run -- we can. 

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