Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Exit party and drinking to excess at Cove Mountain Shelter

The worst problem with stopping short of plan and setting up a campsite along the trail isn't animals or lack of privies -- it's lack of water in the morning, and for however much of the next hiking day needed to get to a water source.

Six hours, today, and we were both drained empty (water and energy) before we reached Cove Mountain Shelter.

More beautiful than diamonds
More precious than gold

Water replenished, tent set up, bear bag line hung -- so we went to sit and chat with Trail Dog, a hiker of similar age and attitude.  A father arrived with his ten year old son -- good, enough friendly folk for fire and conversation on our last day out.

Then the students from UVA arrived, and things got crowded and noisy. Oh, well. Tomorrow, the shuttle meets us at Jarman Gap and takes us back to the hikers' parking lot at Humpback Rocks, when the Ion is waiting.

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