Friday, June 30, 2017

Making miles while the Sun shines

Monday morning begins a third cross country ramble for the twelve year old Saturn Ion and its owner, before dawn. Here's its rough schedule, written in highly delible electronic ink.

July 3Leave Round Hill
July 9to July 14Malheur National Forest, Oregon. Four days' wandering with friends in the Strawberry Lakes region.
July 15to July 20Wandering Puget Sound and Vancouver Island, visiting any friends and family who are in town
July 24to July 26Visiting family in Grand Junction, Colorado
July 27to Aug 12Visiting and wandering around Castro Valley, California, in the company of children and grandchildren with no particular place to go
Aug 19to Aug 21With fellow stargeeks watching the dragon eat the Sun. We plan to be in the thriving metropolis of Beatrice (that's bee-AT-rice, thankyou), Nebraska, in between local festive events such as watching old movies and the mud volleyball tournament.
Aug 24to Aug 24Checking out the Appalachian Trail Museum at Pine Grove Furnace State Park, first planned resupply point for my next AT section hike this September -- about two weeks after I return.
Aug 25Round Hill. Rest, refresh, repair, repeat.

Not gainfully employed especially, but moss free so far!

Dehydrated meal chef at work

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