Monday, July 3, 2017

Five with one blow!

First day's drive straddled five States!

The easy ones, of course, I won't be able to even approach that count until this journey's end. It was a quiet and uneventful drive, no rain and just enough cloud cover to ease any sun glare from the roadway. Traffic was patient, respectful, and light despite the holiday weekend. Anyone who was traveling likely got there already, possibly?

In Pennsylvania, I was treated to a bubble intrusion -- a full size pro quality billboard featuring the Tweeter in Chief's signature smirk and urging support for his legislative program to reduce taxes, secure our borders, and bring jobs back from overseas. It gave me more confidence in saying that campaigning to remove the President from office is not going to resolve the populist intentions that we progressives see as disastrous violations of common sense. Much more snark-free work is needed to translate our "think global" visions to integrate the cultures and constraints involved in the "act local" part. Communicating those perspectives will be very hard, also, given the amount of negativity that they have taken over the past half century.

On to the west! On Ohio's turnpike, state police were actively offering Positive Behavior Control and flashy blue holiday spirit to several miscreant motorists. Indiana's back roads, by contrast, were populated by drivers who behaved themselves without visible oversight and without the 18 dollar tolls that Penna and Ohio charged.  Escaping the tollways was a relief for the eyes, if not from the heat!

Indiana Calm

 A bit of serendipity -- a missed turn led my ramble past the Mid America Windmill Museum! I slowed, made a safe three point turn on a traffic free two lane road, and  back ... to find out that it was closed on Mondays.

Mid America Windmill Museum -- old Euro to wind turbine!

Oh, well. The Chain O Lakes State Park had just shut down boating when I arrived, too, something about those booming sounds coming from the clouds. I can't always get what I want, and so forth.

Chain O Lakes trails, well maintained

Roughing it? My neighbors. No RVs, at least

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