Sunday, July 16, 2017

North by Northwest

 4 am ... Bend, Oregon, after a long drive. What day was I supposed to be in Grand Junction? Cross check. July 24, right. What day is today?

Slow start, only 5 hours driving to go, plus traffic on Interstate 5. Those Californians, they just drive in circles all day. Not that we have anything against them, really.

Country Nook Restaurant. Spanish omelette with avocado on top and 1/2 inch thick wheat toast because, well, Left Coast. No WiFi, though; waitress apologized, owner closed access to customers out of security and inappropriate use concerns.

Inappropriate use? I did not ask.

Of note -- in Oregon, full service is the norm. No self service. Attendant was ready to be defensive about it, but I preempted with a declaration that it was safer than customary self service practice elsewhere. Which it is.

Northward! Passing over the Crooked River, skirting Mount Bachelor and Mount Hood. Locals and aficionados can identify all of the snowtopped peaks between here and Vancouver by shape, but I need a map. Mount Hood is reasonably easy to identify from US 26, though.

Crooked River Canyon

Mount Bachelor?
Mount Hood from the coffee house

Mount Hood from a little closer

Interstate 5 provided a less than welcome reminder of the world I left behind this summer, both while skirting Portland and again passing by Tacoma. Don't these people understand? If they can't get this under control, their fate will be the same as commuters in the Washington DC area!

Family friends Peggy and Larry were eager to hear about children and grandchildren, and to introduce me at the nunnery where they attend Mass. The priest, one of the many who speak from the Spirit rather than from the hierarchy, had good common sense advice to offer. Why do we worry so much about how others behave? We can let that all go, be free of the burden of trying to judge all those people -- and focus on getting on with our own lives. Amen.

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