Friday, July 7, 2017

But they all look alike!

Final day for this leg started off track when the alarm clock failed to set itself. I managed to get everything jammed back into the Ion again before 6, and headed out on the freeway.

Since the entire trip followed two interstates and in the interest of getting on the road, I decided to give the map software a rest until I got to Boise. Interstate 15 South to Interstate 84 North, who needs an electronic coach for that?

Spinning south on I-15 at the low end of the customary speeds out this way, I noted after a couple of hours that (a) the gas tank was approaching the 1/4 mark again, (b) my stomach was looking for more than a breakfast bar, and (c) I still hadn't seen the turn for I-84 yet.

Next intersection -- "No Service". This is getting tiresome, I thought ... but the bright yellow seashell marked the third intersection as a resupply point long before the standard exit markers were visible. Gas, friendly waitress, omelet breakfast, and -- thirty miles past the turn?  Back we go.

Fortunately, today was planned as a "near zero" half day, allowing for shopping and other preparations. As it was, I still wound up out and about past midday.

Not to worry, it was a dry heat.

On my way to Boise, not Salt Lake City
2659 miles, five days. I'm ready to go out walking for a while.

Next post should be up by the 15th, after we return from backpacking in Oregon's Strawberry Lake region.

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