Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fare thee well

Not that my stay in Buena Vista has been especially negative in any way, but it's no particular drag against getting back on the trail this afternoon and heading for the James River.

The hotel manager smiles and shakes his head. "You know I could drive you there in thirty minutes. How long will it take you, three days?" Well, yes, but he's been grousing about being trapped in a dying town that his kids won't visit for lack of anything to do, &c. He looks up at these hills and sees walls that hold him in, I look at them and feel good about hiking in there.  Wonder if Granny Gatewood's trek led this way?  

Reasonably good ice cream at the Amish Connection, very welcome water ice at the shack next to the motel when it was open. Gary Serra, a veteran AT section hiker, will have to endure my questions while he shuttles me back to the trailhead.

 I should meet the hostel steward there and receive my resupply package. Then, back into the woods, chasing those white blazes.

No so different from Pokémon Go, is it? Next post could be as late as the 20th, maybe later if I am chasing a Xerneas.

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