Friday, November 21, 2014

Flat Out

One hundred eighty degrees of northwestern Kansas
From time to time, strange visions afflict travelers who set out into the prairie -- having skipped breakfast to get on my way, I was not too concerned when I first saw the expanding tide of flashing red lights on the predawn western horizon ahead. Still, it was not until they were passing me by on either side that a chance reflection from an eighteen-wheeler's beams revealed -- a field of wind turbines. Whew. Time for a breakfast break.

On clear days like these on the prairie, nothing gets in the way of running off miles. Arrival in Burlington, Colorado, was early enough that I could get settled at the motel, refresh, and then wander out to play tourist.

Following signs to the county fairgrounds led me to the Kit Carson County Carousel that once enchanted children at Elitch Gardens near Denver. (I recall visiting there once, but at an age when roller coasters were more interesting than carousels.)

Sad that it is only open in the summer. I took the snapshots through windows in the carousel's winter enclosure.
Philadelphia Toboggan Carousel Nr. 6, 1909

It's a smiling giraffe!
 Tomorrow, the Ion will be working its way over the Continental Divide, en route to Grand Junction. Hope to post more rock and tree pics soon!

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