Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Warming weather here will be turning the alpine trails currently covered calf-deep in snow to alpine trails with equally deep mud.  At Laurie's suggestion, I am abandoning the Powderhorn Resort eyrie today for a B&B in the valley, and hope to find longer hiking opportunities along the floor of this wonderful valley.  This will also improve Negrita's patience with Laurie's return from lengthy absences smelling of Snow and Outdoors.

Some things about the resort I will not miss, very typical of ski resorts -- the baseboard heating systems swing the room temperature between sweater-chilly and desert dry, and the hot -- make that warm -- tub water supply is limited to 130 F. Caution, hot water may be hot ....

A few farewell Powderhorn pix -- again, please click on photos for an enlarged view.

Grand Mesa

Facing west, the Grand Mesa in panorama

Facing east, Powderhorn's ski slopes

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