Sunday, November 30, 2014

"It is better to retreat off a good climb than to succeed on an indifferent one."

-- Chris Jones, Climbing in North America

Our final hike for this visit aimed for Hanging Lake succeeded in completing a mile of ice-covered trail, enjoying the titanic sandstone/shale rock towers, and having fun behaving like the kids who innocently did everything they could to strike fear in their parents' hearts while rock scrambling. The sun was falling faster than we were climbing, though, so we reversed our course and slid back down on our Thanksgiving dinners, promising to return some day.

Off to Coolidge, Arizona, on Sunday, expecting to arrive late. I plan to post again on Monday, December 1.


Photos from a predawn foray to watch the sandstone towers greet the sunrise.

This is the second morning this year that I have woken well before dawn to hike up a pile of rock as the eastern horizon brightened, racing with the sun to reach the top ... easier this time, fortunately, if less enjoyable.

Still, madness. Not sure why I do this, other than knowing that it is the right thing for me to do.

Photos from the climb towards Hanging Lake

Sorry, no photos of our downhill slide. It was fun, mostly!

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