Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Disconnected and rolling for the freeway before sunrise this morning, looking at ten hours of driving Dwight Eisenhower's National System of Interstate and Defense Highways, happily running counter to the commuter flow into Washington.

Bridgetown Court before dawn

First break, Greenville, Virginia. Bad coffee and an apple(less) tart at Arby's.
 Funny note of the day: the Virginia section of Interstate 66 westbound has signs posted warning operators of vehicles that cannot maintain at least 70 mph uphill to move to the right hand lane and use their flashers. 70 mph also happens to be the speed limit on this road -- so logically, everyone should be crowded over in the right hand lane and blinking their way up and down the highway? Sorry, Mr. Aristotle, evidence observed does not match the prediction.

New River Gorge overlook, southern end

Almost heaven, West Virginia ... yes, even with the snow
"Saint Peter, don't you call me, 'cuz I can't go ..." Posted at the New River Gorge vistor center
Fascinating rock strata exposed by mountain cuts made for Interstate 66, many different layers clearly demonstrating the results of sand, soil, and biologic matter deposited during the Permian era. Would like to have examined them more closely, but stopping by the side of the road seemed unsafe given the volume of truck traffic.

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