Monday, September 14, 2015


Very good final stop for this adventure at Assateague Island! Cold front induced storms that limited recreation in Delaware had cleared away, leaving a Milky Way-viewing starlit night in exchange for a chilly sleep.

So. There are two herds of ponies, and neither of them swam to the barrier islands by a sinking Spanish galleon. One herd swims to the mainland, where colts aremauctioned off; the other is controlled using contraceptive darts, but otherwise allowed to live as wild animals.

This apparently includes brazen raids on camground picnic tables, undeterred by human visitors who would rather not have the remains of the evening's repast strewn across the sand.  No, I did not get photos, I was too busy rescuing a plastic bag full of trash from a docile but stubborn cousin of a mule. Grrr.

Sunrise was beautiful.

As a final bonus, a bit of Delaware goodness was waiting in a Salisbury mall food court : Jake's Wayback Burgers! Oatmeal Cookie shake, recommended.

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