Friday, September 25, 2015

Nearly unhorsed!

Heart-pumping times here at Valhalla Ranch tonight. 

Some irresponsible driver slid through the corner on Greggsville Road near the ranch entrance and -- for the third time in memory, the recently promoted stewards tell me -- crashed into and knocked down a section of fence, and then drove off.  that keeps the horses from wandering onto that same roadway. Alerted by a neighbor of the damage to the barrier that keeps the horses from wandering onto that same dirt roadway, the two stewards borrowed my Ion and raced out to contain the situation.

When I followed them out, I found one consoling the horses -- who were likely wishing they had been taken south to Florida as originally planned -- while the other person who struggles to keep this happy place out of entropy's grip worked in the glare of the Ion's hi beams, knocking enough of the rails back together to keep everything under control until morning.

My suggestion to increase the ranch's defenses by adding Jersey barriers seemed too passive. Real horse people, our self-proclaimed farm girl said, would have stayed to protect the animals, or at least come to the house's door to alert and apologize.

I suspect the former Royal Marine who named the ranch would have spoken of more active options for repelling invaders. I am also sure that many an un-Christian thought turned to the deities after which our erstwhile canine guardians Thor and Valkyrie were named.

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