Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Lums Pond

So, this Delaware version of a yurt is another example of riding the line between feeding the urge to reach back to days gone by and meeting modern expectations. 

Inside a Lums Pond yurt
I mean, who hasn't wanted to set up a skin-covered dome in the fresh grass-scented air of the steppes, sleep together wrapped in furs, horses breathing heavily outside ... on the ground, with no insect screens and No Air Conditioning? And I suppose I can do without WiFi for a day or two, but how am I supposed to keep my cell phone charged?

The Delaware Air National Guard did its best to make up for the missing horses, sending a C-130 during the day and a flight of helicopters in the evening. Not the same, somehow.

Lums Pond boat launch
The Park does provide a courtesy kayak with the yurt, so I hurried out last evening to paddle about before they closed the lake at sundown. A familiar boat ramp, some egrets and herons about, but the tree where flocks of the white birds came to nest at sundown was not occupied. Marie called it the "Christmas Egret Tree" ... still too hot here, perhaps, maybe by the time the annual holiday music assault hits the malls.

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