Thursday, September 10, 2015

Changes happen, like them or not

Thunder, gusts, and outright downpours here have chilled kayaking plans. The new GoApe! zipline activity at Lums Pond also seems a poor fit for the weather. 

(A zipline in Delaware -- what, from the top of the WSFS tower to the base of Caesar Rodney's horse? No, it actually runs across the pond and through the treetops of Lums Forest, and looks like it would be very enjoyable on a dry and lightning-free day.) 

But, lightning storms were in the forecast. So, out to Brandywine Creek State Park for a ramble along trails we all knew well.

Old Rocky Run Bridge

Except. Very sad to report, the Poohsticks Bridge (aka the Rocky Run Bridge) is down! A local said it was demolished before the deteriorating underside brought the whole thing down into the stream with a co─║lection of runners, strollers, bikers, and park maintenance vehicles.  

Our tribe often gathered there to play the Winnie-the-Pooh inspired game of dropping sticks off one side of the bridge and then rushing to the other side to see whose stick came out first. A new steel beam bridge is being rushed into place, but --being sturdier and safer -- it just won't be the same.

Rocky Run is still cheerily pushing stones out of its way, though, even in the bend where a trio of young engineers tried to block its path a few years ago.

Rocky Run, upstream

Stopped into Charcoal Pit for a grilled cheese, tomato and onion sandwich with a root beer float, much the same as it has always been. About a hundred yards north, though, there's a shop with another well known name getting ready to open:

Concord Pike

A Claymont Steak Shop in Talleyville? Unimaginable! 

Change. It's just around the next turn in the trail ... right up there, see?

Brandywine Creek trail

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