Thursday, October 1, 2015

Familiar roads again this weekend

Viewing Joaquin's progress today from a hotel in Williamsburg after driving a familiar track to Ropers Church Road and walking a familiar path into Makemie Woods.

 Onward tomorrow to Norfolk, bearing gifts from the Henmistress of Valhalla!

Whence I will brave flooded streets to reach the high tower where a fair lady waits with a bottle of wine ... and as we have before, my mother-in-law and I will sit back on her 10th floor porch and discover the Truth in all of the world's joys and woes. Or ours, at least.

New England winds are turning to a good heading, but that hurricane is still trying to get in my way; also, the fields are reportedly a bit wet, not so good for sure-footed landings. I plan to swim those puddles when I get there.

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