Wednesday, October 7, 2015

These are not good atmospheric conditions for hang gliding.

Foggy morning cleared up after a couple of hours, leaving zero wind. Set up the glider and hope? Well, maybe some practice runs..

Five sled runs down the slope making old mistakes -- then on the sixth, air! Then, the wind finally picked up and swung hard north, out of bounds -- field closed. Sigh. 

Old roads, been here before.

Old acquaintances, as well. A favorite instructor from the Kitty Hawk site is now teaching novice paragliding pilots at Morningside and vowing never to go back. Never?

I learned my lesson on that years ago. The hubris of  saying "never" raises to near certainity the odds of "soon, and for a long, long time" ... call it the Jonah and the Whale Effect.

Afternoon update: full north at the 450, light westerly gusts over the LZ, steady south in between. All unwelcome for pilots who want to fly another day. I do.

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