Saturday, June 13, 2015

Boring Kansas

Excellent breakfast this morning at the camp café. Tess had French toast, Sean had  biscuits and gravy, and I had a healthy breakfast wrap followed by café manager Pat's blackberry cobbler. Pat told us that she had run short last night, put another one in to bake -- and decided to pick up a little ice cream at the store this morning to go with. I assured her that the ice cream was not necessary, but it was appreciated.

The stopover in Kansas City for a reunion of his mother with a fellow veterinarian and Hokie concerned Sean until he was assured that most of Kansas City is not in "boring Kansas". However, when the veterinarians' conversation  shifted into discussions of employers, owners, and methods for treating cats with intestinal tract blockages, he was willing to risk boredom and join his grandfather on a westward scouting mission for essential supplies.

 "Boring" the trip was was not. The gusting winds and artfully twisted cloud bank with a curious bump on the bottom that appeared to be reaching for the ground ahead  seemed to concern his grandfather a little, but he was confident that his mom's car could outrun any kind of storm. He urged the driver to speed up and get clear of the increasingly heavy rainfall -- but the driver declined to do so, pointing out that (a) this was not his father's BMW, (b) outrunning the storm was not an option since it was approaching from the direction they wanted to go, and (c) furthermore, NO. 

After a brief drive to a safe location off the highway and a phone call to reset travel plans, the adventurers returned to Missouri, reunited with their comrades, and regrouped at a hotel close enough to the state border to allow withdrawal if Kansas' hostility continued.

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