Monday, June 22, 2015

Nevada is a sometime thing

Idle day today,  pacing our travel across northern Nevada. We rose at 6:30, though, after a blustery night that slapped the tent walls against our heads, tried to lift the rent corners, and alarmed Cocoa into rising from her place. (It's okay, Cocoa, lie down, don't step on my knees.) After a quick  breakfast, we went for a walk to see the lake and the falls at the apex of the ice-carved bowl; Sean took the lead. Grand wonders were waiting for us!

After a cheery goodbye to the campground hosts, we headed off on an idle day of wandering around northern Nevada, originally looking for points of interest near Battle Mountain. What we found was a  completely different part of the world.

Museums? Closed. Visitor center? Sorry, no one manning the receptionist desk at the open and silent Chamber of Commerce info center. The featured exhibit was a letter written by a graduating senior explaining how, while cities like Reno offer more entertainment and opportunity, teens growing up in rural areas like Battle Mountain forge a bond that will last forever after they leave.

Grocery store?  There might be one open somewhere. Gas stations -- either go back to Battle Mountain, or try California . Since California is still a few hours away, we did backtrack, and then found our way to a Forest Service campground in Kingston Canyon. Two days ago, this site would have seemed magnificent; After Angel Lake -- well, it was okay for a night.

Tomorrow, the ghost town of Berlin -- and icthyosaurs!

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