Monday, June 29, 2015


Marina State Park, just north of the old Seaside State Park. Marie and I did a lot of flying there.

Sand dune photo follows.

Downtown Monterey was awash in tourists, so I chose to say hello to the sea lions next year. Plus, the smoke was getting in my eyes.


Retreated to Modesto from an attempt at a brief visit to Yosemite, no tent spaces left. Even on a Sunday, it seems, no space available without a reservation, even on a Sunday evening.

Three very young cats passed by in the twilight while I was eating. I greeted them without rising or offering food (duh....) They studiously ignored me, as felines will, while deciding if I was Food or Foe.

Tomorrow (Monday) I plan to travel to the Dunn's new home, stay there overnight, and leave for the airport about 3 a.m.  PDT. Next post should be from Poulsbo, Washington, about mid week.

Since I will mostly be doing training hikes out of the same location,  my posting schedule will ease off to two or three times a week, whenever anything of general interest happens. Comments? -- suggestions, complaints, disagreements, all appreciated!

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