Thursday, June 11, 2015

Over the River (restored)

Crossing the Mississippi

This is already becoming a wonder-filled and memorable trip! The St. Louis City Museum, first of the  big adventure stops, was a jaw-dropping rush through mazes of spiral stairs, tunnels, chutes, slides, and Daliesque  walls and tunnels formed from images of mythical land and sea beasts, running from dimly lit caves and two large ball pools to ten-story open chambers to a Ferris wheel- crowned roof. Outside, irregular platforms and rebar-framed tubes climb up to a boom-equipped pumper truck, a pagoda, and a  couple of scrapped business jets  -- and amazingly for the number of youth charging around through all of this, no evidence of injuries.

The celebration of our passage through the Gateway to the West concluded with a visit to Ted Drewes,  an ice cream mecca suggested during an online conversation with Will today that followed photo reports of his son's derring-do.

Staying in a motor lodge tonight west of St. Louis ; time to decompress and do laundry.

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