Friday, June 12, 2015

Silver Dollar City

Uneventful dog sitting today, so this post is an interview with Tess and Sean about th day at the Silver Dollar City amusement park near Branson, Missouri.

Q:  Sean, did you enjoy the amusement park?
Sean: Yeah.
Q: So what did you do first, or like best?
 Sean: Well, basically there was the River Blast. When you were on the boat, you got to shoot a bunch of targets with water -- this water cannon, and really soak them!  And then when you're not on the boat, you blast them!
Q: So everybody gets soaked? That must have felt good on a hot day like this!
Sean: Basically, yeah. And the River Ride was the same.
Tess: About six riders sit in each raft and ride over several rapids. Everyone gets  completely soaked, so we did it together twice -- because, already soaked so why not?
Sean: Yeah.

Q: Sounds perfect for the day! Anything else?
Sean: Not really.
Tess: Except the glassblowers and the blacksmith.
Sean: Yeah, the glassblowers were cool!
Q: Aren't glassblowers usually pretty hot?
Sean: Yeah, but they were  cool, too.
Tess: Did you want to show Grandpa the souvenir you got?
Sean: Okay.
Q: Wow, that is great! "To go where no man has gone before"? (A simple brass wire and plate  model of the Starship Enterprise.)
Sean: Right into the blacksmith's forge.
Tess: And then there were the twisted potatoes ...
Q: I've never heard of that!
Sean: Yeah! The potato was cut in a spiral and wrapped around a stick. It was really good!
Tess: The ones wrapped around a hot dog were a crowd pleaser (nodding in the direction of the "crowd").

Q: Did you ride any of the roller coasters?
Sean: Yeah, but just one. It wasn't much fun for me ...
Tess: The Thunderation roller coaster.
Sean: ... so I didn't do any more.
Q: I'm with you there.
Sean: And we rode on a log, and Mom got really soaked!
Tess: There were only two of us, so they put us at the back ... and I was in back of Sean. So, drenched.
Q: Hearing a common theme here.
Tess: Felt good on a day like this, too.

Sean: There was one other ride that took you down into  a dark hole on a train, and at the end they dump a lot of water on you. It was the best!
Tess: It's called Fire in the Hole, sort of a mix of railroad bandits, dioramas, and dropping off hidden ledges in the dark. It's Will's favorite.
Sean: And at the end they yell "Fire in the Hole!" and dump a lot of water on you!

Q: So, City Museum yesterday and Silver Dollar City today. If you had to choose just one, where would you go -- or is that just a silly question?
Sean: It's a silly question, you have to go to both!
Q: Great advice, thank you both for your report!

Sean: One more thing, can i tell you a joke?
Q: Okay, I'm ready.
Sean: Where do pencils go when they go on vacation?
Q: I couldn't begin to guess.
Sean: Pencilvania,  of course!

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