Friday, August 4, 2017

Footnotes and followups

Some extra items from my journey that escaped posting earlier ...

Here's some photos of the Strawberry wilderness adventure that Kirsten Elowsky offered to share.

Mary, Jakob, Andre, Keith, Michael, Tom -- photographed by Kirsten

More of Kirsten's photos are posted at

I have asked her for some more of the other hikers with us, in addition to all the electronic film she used up on the team's novice. (Viewers are required to provide a Google account.)

A few more photos from the Fold region in Colorado -- the Black Dragon Canyon.

And here's three photos of the Steel Sheep of Grand Junction, Colorado, courtesy Laurie Johnson. For some reason, I thought these might be of interest, if only as a background for some Photoshop artistry?

A quiet day here at the Dunn manse in Castro Valley. All the animals are resting.

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  1. A correction for the summit photo -- I believe the name of the hiker in the middle of the photo is Albert, not Andre. He is a professional photographer, and I do look forward to posting his pictures when he shares them.