Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Reunited again

Monterey, California, always speaks strongly of family to us, though our few memories have been clouded by the years -- or in the case of our younger members, never experienced. Still.

The two grandchildren now share with us the awe of watching a turtle swim above us through a glass plate supporting a multistory column of water, and many of the other unique experiences available in the aquarium that David Packard and his spouse built with his computer industry earnings (yes, he was the Packard of industry giant Hewlett Packard, which started in a one car garage).

Cannery Row has changed almost beyond recognition. The pile of rocks where one of our iconic photos was taken is gone, also. Change is good, but sometimes, as Tom Stoppard observed, sometimes we have to pretend that the smoke from those bridges we burned makes our eyes water.

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