Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Descent Into Chaos

What is this, Eloy in New Hampshire? Local high  of 100 F reported at the flightpark today.

Occluded low squeezing down from the west onto a strong high pressure air mass to the east coupled with strong thermal activity made for an experts-only day; the training field is closed.

A suspicious number of the instructors, though, have been returning from, umm, safety evaluation flights? with howls of glee and wild grins from eye to eye. We mere acolytes applaud dutifully .... The lead instructor did, at least, honor me with an invitation to go upslope with him and help steady his glider for a launch from the 450 foot ramp at the top of the hill.

After waiting for the right rising wind cycle with one helper on either side balancing on the ramp's edge and restraining the glider's wings, the pilot called "Clear!" We did, quickly -- and he ran off the ramp, flew successfully over the scrub, and soared off down the ridge. After working the columns of lifting air for a quarter of an hour, though, he gave up on his plan to go for a long run over the mountains, and returned to earth gracefully.

So, no Maine lobstah for dinnah. It's been that kind of a day, sprinkled with exciting if unlikely prospects that did not quite make it into the pot.

His other wire man, a Hang 3 certified Morningside veteran, talked about the two near-disasters he had at the 450, one instance of a wingtip catching in the brush and another of his base tube mowing through some tall grass that used to grow at mid slope. I can wait for a while before I try descending into that one.

Adult Swim

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