Saturday, May 30, 2015

Once is not enough

150' launch site was inhabited by capricious sprites Friday morning, puffing from seemingly random directions while I tried to steady the glider. After half an hour, they took mercy on me and left the wind steady long enough for a launch -- a couple of minutes' intense physical effort to get airborne, a few seconds of wild joy free of earthly constraints -- and then, time to land.

Forecast was the most fascinating result of the meteorological art yet, predicting that the front- driven winds would begin in the north (very marginally flyable on a westerly cycle, with risks of landing in a mud pit), swing around to the east (totally unflyable), and settling down to due south in time for a late lunch. The flight park hill elected to ignore such confusing advice.

It's a perfect site, says the site manager with a wry smile, to practice hang waiting.

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