Friday, May 29, 2015

Conversations among the addiction support group

Glorious sunset on Thursday evening.

Mount Ascutney Sunset

Considerable discussion over the past week about the advantages of owning my own glider. My pleas of poverty have been met with suggestions that I could buy one of the training gliders that will be retired; I countered with an offer to open bidding at $50 for the Alfa 210 I have been flying when they put it up for auction. Not too likely, they say, think 20 times higher.

Another conversational wheel among the instructors and resident students here -- recently, two largish spoons used to scoop coffee into the percolator have vanished, one per night. This has been the cause of anguished mornings, as might be expected... but when the self-commisioned investigators came to me, I regretfully disavowed any knowledge. I pointed out that I have been limiting myself to a single morning cup from Dunkin' Donuts -- then in an effort to lighten the mood, suggested that the two AWOL items of kitchen ware might have snuck off together to, well, spoon together for a while, you know, ha ha?

Lightening everyone's mood is important this week. Post frontal forecasts tend toward downslope winds from the east, completely unflyable at Morningside. The paragliding regulars are muttering about a road trip to some place northeast of Montreal.

A hang glider, waiting

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