Thursday, May 28, 2015

One flight before the storm

Heavy rain Wednesday evening, ending a small heat wave here. A number of mosquitos decided to come in out of the rain and join me for dinner in the tent, but their intended meal had strong objections.

One flight this morning; instructor let me set up, check out, go to the slope, and wait for a wind cycle I felt safe to fly with. Twenty minutes or so later, I stood up, ran through the seven "L" preflight check, and ran off into some "textured" air -- the opposite of which is called "glassy" -- avoided landing into a paragliding chute spread out next to the LZ, and ran out the landing on my feet.

Walked the glider off the field, tied it down, and looked at the approaching clouds.  Thought better of trying to fit in another flight-- "never regret the flights you did not take." So I confirmed with the instructor and broke the glider back down for storage.

According to off site expert sources on local soaring weather, tomorrow morning could be the last good flying opportunity I will get this trip. Given their track record, I won't take that advice as a reason to leave early.

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