Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Over the River and Through The Woods

May 13

Valhalla Ranch faded into the dark at 3:40 this morning, the Potomac slipped under the Ion's wheels at 4:15 - and I had already remembered three items that did not find their way into the car. None essential,  so - onward!

For the last few days, my internal Critic has been demanding a review of plans for this summer of wander, questioning whether I am ready and even whether any of this is worth it. Plenty of catchup  work needs to be done,  after all that's gone by in the past year ... but this morning, my alarm did not even get past the quiet opening tune. Rolling!

 Crossing over the Potomac near Harpers Ferry, it occurred to me that this place I knew only slightly when I was growing up - somewhere in one of the Virginias on a river, wasn't it? - by its connection to John Brown. Now, it  has become very central for me - its Civil War story another example of how merely technical military defenses fail, and (in its role as a national park ) both as a place where my parents enjoyed working as volunteers and as a frequently visited location for my fitness training on an easily accessible steep hike. Our experiences change what we see.

Green Mountains haven't changed much for me yet, still mysterious and alluring. Rich green hill wrapped in mist - a little like but not quite the same as the Nikko region in Japan. Morningside Park has not changed much, either; I made a point of complimenting the staffer who mows the hill, promising to avoid putting another divot in his well-maintained greens.

The lead training instructor was waiting to greet me when I pulled up at the Morningside training center. His winter also included a westward drive - his to Utah,  where he marked up his personal hang gliding records to 14,500 feet high and to a single flight duration of 5 hours. He also mentioned chasing an eagle? Whoa.

Morningside Flight Park

Luxury accommodations!

Weather forecast for May 14th looks excellent for flying (thank you, Marie - happy 59th birthday!) Weekend, less so.

Administrative note: the Web page code for showing full size photos and the links for adding your comments are not working, again. Something to keep me occupied while I'm not flying.

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