Thursday, May 14, 2015

Perfection, eluded

Weather forecasters can actually predict local winds? As if. Almost entirely out of the north, running almost entirely across the slope, and cycling. On my second launch, though, the hang glider and I did slip free of gravity's clutches for a few seconds - at which point there was a disagreement between us that ended with another broken downtube and a slightly scraped forearm.

Both injuries were promptly and easily remediated. My self-esteem was also partially restored when one of the instructors broke the downtube on a more expensive glider.

Wrap up: not only do I owe thanks to my late wife for this (almost) perfect day, I also can be grateful for another lesson in humility.

Tomorrow's forecast is less promising than today's was. Could this be a good sign?

Morningside from the 250' launch. Some day soon!

Morning mist on the pond

Morningside training center

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  1. Reaffirming - no humans or other animals were harmed by the events described in this post, except for brief humiliation of the pilot trainee.