Sunday, May 17, 2015

Just saying yes

This morning opened on a completely windless sunlit field and a flock of eager paragliding students on their way to fouling the landing zone. Not a good day for baby sharks (aka hang gliding students).

Which is okay with me, I cold have used the time out. Might have rambled up the trail to the Mt. Ascutney launch site. Or not.

Wind forecasts have been reliably wrong, with local effects like adiabatic flow as the LZ warms. Good thing - the west-facing slope only works with a WNW to WSW.

Then my instructor called to me, said I was wasting time online when I should be getting ready for the good winds. So, I stowed my tablet and set up my glider.

Four good flights (with one aborted launch in the middle, argh). Most exciting one, my first landing into the north field; turn and landing approach went so well that I wound up running smoothly a few feet above the field, still slowing so that I could flare as the mud pit on the border got closer and closer ...

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