Friday, May 15, 2015

Higher today, naturally!

Suspicion provisionally confirmed: weather forecasters are as inaccurate on calling bad winds as they are on calling good. Today was an excellent day to fly Morningside.

Fellow trainee Dave and I both ran off a series of increasingly better flights, finishing with two solid flights each from the 150 foot launch point. The instructor says that we are ready to do both the written exam and the required five-in-a-row qualifying flights for Hang One certification, weather permitting!

He has also expressed confidence in our ability to continue on to the 250 foot launch point - and again weather permitting, to fly at least one flight between the trees and over the boulders at the top of the hill. No words to describe how I feel about that possibility?

If any waves of non flyable weather pass through in the meantime, another target of opportunity beckons to the north. Mount Ascutney is on the horizon, reported to have reasonable trails for day hikes. Mount Monadnock is further away, but also reported to have a good variety of trails.

Life is good. Busy, also.

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