Monday, May 18, 2015

Everything else (almost)

Some notes about domestic matters here at Morningside Flight Park - my day's beginning is heralded by a motivated and tireless woodpecker's search for breakfast outside the platform tent. Rising (eventually ) I fire up the Jetboil (R) to make a cup of tea while, organize my pack for the day - water bottle, sunglasses, bug and sunscreen, a change of clothing, my tablet, and the rechargeable battery pack that keeps the tablet going for my nightly reading and writing.

Lots of praise for the Jetboil here. I have yet to fire up the camp stove, instead limiting my "cooking"  to  boiled water poured into dehydrated camping food packs. Over the past five - five? - days, the compact water boiler has turned out 6-8 cups of boiling water every day, still on its first gas cartridge!

The dehydrated food? Faint praise; they're better than any military field rations I ever ate. Quick, satisfying, easy cleanup. I'm okay with that.

The walk over the crest and downhill is an inspiring view of Vermont's forested hills - better on clear mornings, of course! Mount Ascutney dominates the northern horizon, while a number of rolling ridges border the western edge of the valley.

Mount Ascutney

View to the southwest

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